Matrix Drops information saved the life of the breeder's favourite horse!






Matrix Drops information saved the life of the breeder's favourite horse!


The reputation of Kevin Laffan's fantastic grass caught the attention of Irish farmers. We attended in several number of agricultural exhibitions and organized meetings at Kevin's land to share the results with others. At such an event, I had the opportunity to meet with Rose and Michael S. who live at the Sour River in Waterford County, and are engaged in horse rearing and cattle breeding.



A few months after we met, Rose called me on the phone, asking if we could help her favourite horse, April, who was suffering from a serious skin disease. The horse body was covered with rashes everywhere and she was constantly rubbing. Rubbed her face or other body parts against the fence and piles so heavily that it caused additional injuries! Her daughter, who is a veterinarian hadn't seen such a serious case before! Her voice was desperate and told me that she he was thinking to slaughter her favourite horse if we couldn't solve the problem!

I asked the owner to send me a photo of the animal and by the help of Matrix Drops Computer I measured the horse's Information body. The result of the analysis showed a surprisingly high amount of aluminium (AL) and lead (Plumbum Metallicum) in the animal's body!


I called the owner back and asked her how could the heavy metals got into the horse in such a high amount. She asked for time to reflect and realized the cause of the problem in a few hours. Fifteen years ago they purchased the land very cheaply from a car dealer, who just simply buried the car wrecks into the ground. These components are likely to leak continuously since then. The problem was triggered five years ago by a rainy season, which completely flooded the land and washed the big amount of heavy metals to the surface! Rose was impressed about the opportunity offered by Matrix Drops computer and asked me to measure her other horse, Festy as well. They were regularly race with the horse, but she had been refused to tease for some time. She stopped in front of the barrier, refused to work, and threw off every riders from her back, except the daughter!



The Matrix Drops Computer detected hyperactivity and an attached entity with her, which was the cause of the problem! Rose said, she heard that ghosts could bind to the animals too, but she had never heard of solution. The accuracy of the personality analyses made from such a distance, completely electrified the owner, and she had ordered the MDC recommended Matrix Drops. For April, to clear out the two heavy metals from her system and in case of Festy, to keep the entity away and to calm her nervous system.



I took the drops personally to her farm so I had opportunity to take photos for documentation. Then drew the attention of the farmer to the regular dosing of the recommended drops for the maximum results. I asked her not to dilute them into their drinking water, like it is recommended to cows, but to dose them from the palm. She informed me regularly about the changes what they have been observed in the animal’s behaviour. April's itching initially intensified, then eased over a two week period and finally completely disappeared. She didn't rub herself to the fence anymore, and the rashes on her skin disappeared as well! At my request, she moved the animal to another pasture,which hasn`t been flooded by the river.


The anticipated change happened in Festy's case also. The horse became fit again for the races. She didn't stop in front of the obstacle anymore but jumped over it.For the next races she was prepared by a trusted professional, who was accepted by the horse. She became much more balanced as well.



Rose and Michael are spraying their lands with Matrix Drops since the fantastic results! Their grass pastures are regularly treated not only for the horses but also for the cows. In their further reports, they have informed me about the same grass quality changes which was experienced by Kevin Laffan, improvements in milk quality and a much calmer livestock! The events mentioned above are not only change the lives of those who turns for help to the Matrix Drops magical world, but also, and especially for those, who will carry the opportunity to others! As a Matrix Drops instructor, I have experienced several miracles, for which, I would like to thank the inventors: Ildiko Kovacs-Magyar and Andras Kovacs-Magyar!

With thanks: Istvan Hrepka

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